A surprise from my former student

2017年5月30日(火曜日) ena シンガポール校

A Surprise from my Former Student

Hello everyone,

I was really pleased when one of my former students contacted me recently.

He came to me for help in Math (the subject Additional Mathematics in local middle school) as he had been failing badly and no other teachers he found wanted to take him. He didn’t like math at all, which was one of the reasons why it was hard for him to improve. It was June when he came to me for help, and his national examinations were in November. Naturally, he was panicking.

I was well-known back then in the area that I lived in for taking students who failed in math and making them pass in a very short time. So, I started teaching him. What surprised me was the effort he put in. He would do his past-year examination papers over and over again multiple times just to make sure he got the answers right all by himself. He used to have a notebook to make notes on how to use math formulas that I taught him in class. Five months later, not only did he pass his examinations, but with flying colors – he scored an A1 for his examinations, the highest grade that can be awarded. It was the first A1 grade that he got in his middle school life for math.

He was one of the student cases that I could never forget.
That was in 2005, more than 10 years ago.

Now, 28 years of age, he works as an executive in the Accountant-General’s Department (経理局), under the Ministry of Finance (財務省), Singapore. Never would I have thought that he would major in accountancy (会計学), as he used to dislike math very much, much less thought of him getting a job in the Ministry of Finance. He is doing very well in his job at the moment.

He told me that if it had not been me teaching him, he might not be where he is now.
I told him that if he had not worked hard until the end, I might not be able to help him as much.

I had an enjoyable chatting with him and reminiscing about the past.
It was a really nice surprise to hear from him.


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